Updated October 4, 2019

Open Hours

Tuesday: 9am-7pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm

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Now Picking

Starking Delicious Pears $0.75 /lb
   -Good supply
Bartlett Pears $0.75 /lb
   -Good supply
Cameo Apples $0.75 /lb

   -Good quality, good supply
Pumpkins $0.25 /lb
   -Good quality, will not run out

Coming Soon

Saturday, October 5: Aztec Fuji, Fuji, Pink Lady, Granny Smith
$0.75 /lb

About Us

We are a fifth-generation family owned pick-your-own orchard located in Plains, KS.  We sell peaches, pears, pumpkins, and apples.

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Driving Information

From the southeast corner of Plains, go three miles south on a paved road and one and a half miles east. Look for two, dark blue Harvestores with a white top.
You can see them from a distance.

No one is allowed to enter
the orchard without permission.

Please check in to the store first. Generally, we can't give permission to enter the orchard when no fruit is ready. 
Thank you for understanding.

Contact Us


(620) 629-1447
(620) 629-5278